Where IT Strategy becomes Organizational Strategy


Our team of experienced technology experts can help you build a scalable and robust IT infrastructure to meet your long term organizational goals. The term "lean IT" has become ubiquitous throughout most organizations yet its implementation has not matched its buzz. We have helped numerous private, non-profit, and academic institutions rethink how they implement technology and our audits lay out an easy to follow strategy for achieving those goals. 

Clients can expect audits to last between four and six weeks comprising of the following components:

• Analysis of organizational goals and the current state of technology

• In-depth reviews of budgets, staff surveys, vendor analysis, organizational culture analysis, decision making flows, among many others

• Benchmarking against industry standards and similar organizations

• An in-depth final report comprising of observations and recommendations that will help guide short and medium term strategy. 

Get in touch with us for a free consultation and see how an technology audit can work for your organization.