Dropbox for Business: Your Upgraded File Server

Many of you are already familiar with Dropbox and probably use the free version to share large files with friends, colleagues, and family. As part of our ongoing effort to educate our customers and readers on the value of the cloud, we want to give you a brief background on the evolution of traditional server based filesharing. In a previous post, we covered the benefits of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Business). Dropbox for Business can be considered an additional component to the Cloud Strategy that we mentioned in that post. 

Traditional filesharing has always been managed from a server sitting in an office. With this structure you had to not only make sure that you had adequate speeds to support concurrent access, but you had to make sure that you monitored backup, server uptime, permissions, among many others. Dropbox for Business takes care of that issue and much more. 

When you sign up for an account, you get 5 users included for $750 per year (each additional user is $150 per year). While this price may seem a bit steep, there are advantages that should be taken into consideration. Unlike traditional filesharing, Dropbox can store files locally on your computer and immediately sync them to the cloud as you make changes, effectively creating a built in backup system. You can easily manage permissions from the familiar Dropbox console on the web. Most importantly, server uptime is offloaded from your shoulders to Dropbox. Even if you aren't in front of your computer, you can access your files from your smartphone or the web, making this a perfect solution for any user. 

If the price seems a bit steep, consider using departments rather than individual users as a group. That way each department can have their own logon (ie Accounting, Regular Employees, and Senior Management) so you don't need to assign each user a license. This helps you save money and still stay organized. 

You can learn more at the Dropbox for Business website